Thursday, October 21, 2010

My art on an indie film, Darkening Sky!

So if any of you recall, i have contributed in a small way to this indie film called Darkening Sky. They asked me to make a mock cover of a book based on humanoid aliens and used it in a scene where the main character is doing research and looking through various literature/sketches on aliens scattered across on his table. Well, they actually showed a bit of the cover on the trailer! So stoked! But here is the art for the cover for the book they slipped on and used for the scene.

And here is a still shot from the trailer showing the cover. AND reveals the name of the "author" of the book!! it's kinda quick. But still cool!!

And here is the link to the trailer of the film. Anyway, just cool to see it no matter how quick they showed it! ;)


  1. thats so awesome! congratulations mister! i could totally read your name in the trailer on the books!

  2. haha!! thanks tony! i saw the flick last week and it was not too bad at all! wife hated it, but loved it that they showed my art on the big screen! LOL! i believe it'll go straight to dvd. anyway, the whole cast was present for the flick and just awesome to talk to the director. twas an awesome night indeed. ;D