Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chiaroscuro sketch month

Okay, last one for the month. A little zombie hunter set-up. This one was pretty challenging. But I just pushed myself to color this and what to leave black. Hope you like!
This is my second entry for the sketch thread. Decided to do a color version. But also, my first attempt at painting in Photoshop w/color. It was a challenge! But I pushed myself to see what I can do! It's a big accomplishment for me and will do more in the near future! :D

First entry for this sketch month's themed, chiaroscuro. Went old-school gangster w/this one.


  1. Love this, concept, composition and mood is right on the spot, love the way the gagged victim looks up with fear in his eyes and completely surrounded by darkness in the boot as if swallowed by it, really good use of lights and shadows and thus a very apt application of chiaroscuro IMO, think you stand a good chance ;)!

  2. haha! thx cheapo!! well, as always, I know there will be more awesome pieces from the usual suspects down the road! :P and of course, suprises as well! And that's what I love about the sketch thread! :D